Indulge in nature's bounty.

Treat yourself to delicious farm-to-table edibles. Not only will it improve your health and wellness, you’ll enjoy it more too. Naturally grown produce and pastured meats deliver an impressive punch of flavor most have not experienced. At Anthology Ranch, we integrate natural food with sustainable farming practices to deliver wholesome farm products to our customers.


Tasty Eggs

Our happy hens free range on rich green pastures producing a yolk that's full of carotenoids, healthy Omega-3s and loaded with vitamins. People often comment on the color of the yolk– a rich gold–and how delicious they are over factory raised eggs. We raise chickens, ducks, turkeys and geese.


Farm-to-table Produce

It’s our joy to providing fresh, pesticide-free, locally grown produce to our customers through the Anthology Ranch CSA program and direct sales. In 2018, we added a 24’x36’ hoop house which extends our growing season and delivers plentiful spring crops. Be rest assured you will be receiving the freshest locally grown produce available.


Goat Milk Soap

Pamper your skin with handcrafted goat milk soap with essential oils from Anthology Ranch. Each bar offers the velvety lather of natural goat milk, rich emollients, along with the rejuvenating benefits of pure essential oils. We’re always expanding our line–check back for our latest products.

Eucalyptus • Lemongrass • Lavender • Chamomile • Tea Tree/Litse 



Crafters and culinary enthusiasts love our lavender for their creative projects. We harvest twice a year. We’re expanding our lavender crop, cultivating double the amount of cuttings. We’re proud to say our lavender is the key ingredient in the Mukilteo Chocolate Company’s Lavender Truffles. Stop in and try these delicious morsels by Chief Chocolatier Laurie Ellis.


Fleece & Roving

A new offering coming late 2018, our young flock of Southdown sheep will be shorn for their first market-ready fleece this year. Southdown sheep have strong, luxurious fleece perfect for crafting, knitting, felting and more. We’re excited to add this beautiful addition to our suite of artisan products.