Livestock raised right.



The Nigerian Dwarf is the perfect all around goat and originates in a variety of beautiful colors and markings. Their calm disposition makes it easy for children to handle. Our small herd doubled in size this winter with two kiddings. We welcomed 3 doelings and 2 bucklings to the ranch. All of our kids are dam raised and handled daily to ensure friendly healthy kids. Our goats are perfect for milk production, or just to love as pets. 


Southdown Sheep

The Southdown is one of the oldest purebred sheep breeds in the world. A dual-use breed, Southdown sheep offer premium meat and excellent fiber. Known for its superior tenderness and flavor, Southdown meat is highly coveted among lamb connoisseurs. Its quality fleece is sought-after by artisans and crafters for it’s versatility and strength.


Tamworth Pigs

Our Tamworth pigs are pasture raised and hazelnut finished. The characteristics of the Tamworth pig reflect the breed’s centuries of selection for outdoor life. Long heads and impressive snouts enable them to be efficient foragers. Tamworth are considered a “bacon” breed, meaning that they thrive on low energy foods and grow slowly producing meat and bacon that is lean and fine grained.